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GTA 4!! Empty GTA 4!!

Post  HyPeR-09 on Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:36 am

I'm addicted to this right now. Ahh, HyPeR is gonna get the Key to the City and he's gonna be satisfied.

But to get all of the multiplayer achievements (I know you don't have to get them for 100% but I want them anyway) we should just play LOADS together. You need 5 million dollars for level 10 Razz and that's an achievement. To get the midnight club you should:

a) Start Custom or Party (I forget) and reserve a space before going into ranked, this gets you host. I'm pretty sure anyway, I still don't quite understand how the GTA online works.

b) When your host, put Race, Helicopters and damage on.

c) Win! It's not easy to take damage unless somebody full on air collides which takes some amount of skill.

This is what I've read anyway, dunno if it's totally hard to win Helicopter races, I haven't tried it yet. But I do know that the Midnight Club one is hard-ish to get (Mainly from Chris moaning about the achievements) XD

We could also make a team to win every gametype and get those achievements too. I think Chris and Ste will already have them but they could be kind and help me and Sean get them Smile

Anyway, I thought GTA 4 is such an awesome game it deserves to have a topic on our board. Smile

And Sam can join in this one too! Smile

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GTA 4!! Empty Re: GTA 4!!

Post  FUBAR Ste on Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:53 pm

auf wiedershwkienasdnigdofhjdfjkfgtyhrt or whatever it's called will take about a year of gaming!!!!
To hell with the multiplayer acheivements.

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