Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot'

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Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Empty Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot'

Post  Randle on Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:12 pm

Just looking through our screen shots on bungie.net and found the screens we took after we completed the Vidmaster achievement on Halo odst and jumped on to have a look at our recon Razz

Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Halo3_12

Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Halo3_13

Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Halo3_14

And Ste being Ste... Razz

Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Halo3_15

Halo 3- Recon 'Photoshoot' Halo3_16

Just for that nostalgia feeling of Halo 3 and Ste, pre- Mcd'ed. Razz

Probably post more of our halo 3 screenshots later in another thread. Me and Ste have some kick ass V-day screens afro

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